With your compassion, a little time, a just a few dollars, you can make a difference in the lives of children!!

Project:-COMFORT-Team up with KINDNESS FOR KIDS INC. and help comfort children who are being hospitalized.

Kindness for Kids Inc. is now accepting small pillows to comfort children who are hospitalized. Desired pillows can be made out of any bright children’s prints in cotton or flannel.

Instructions for pillows:

  1. You can use scraps of new material, or if purchasing fabric 3/8 of a yard of fabric, will make 2 small pillows very nicely.
  2. Simply cut the 3/8 of a yard in half and then fold each piece of fabric, right sides together.
  3. Then sew the three edges, leaving open a small space for turning pillow right side out and stuffing the pillow.
  4. After stuffing the pillow, stitch the opening closed.

Financial donations are also being accepted to help this project, as some people who are very willing to help, they have material and time, but need stuffing!! Thanks for your kind support as we team up together to comfort the hospitalized children in Alaska, and beyond! We are now sending pillows to Children’s Hospitals in the lower 48!

Questions: Please call Angie Allred 775-4434

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