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The Mission statement for Kindness for Kids Inc is “Changing lives through compassion.” We will do that by comforting, supporting, and strengthening children who are chronically ill, or disabled.


Project Comfort is creating small travel size pillows in bright, happy cotton, or flannel prints, for children who are hospitalized. These pillows are being shipped to children’s hospitals in Alaska and throughout the United States, by Federal Express.


We work to provide children’s hospitals with tools to support children who are being hospitalized. These tools would include such items as entertainment systems, medical educational equipment or systems, arts and crafts supplies etc…


Kindness for Kids annual event is focusing on bringing hope, sharing support information with families, and providing children with experiences to bring joy into their lives.

These are the goals of Project Comfort:

  1. Provide comfort to children who are ill by giving them handmade pillows to keep upon leaving the hospital.
  2. Provide an opportunity for students (middle/high school) to learn about compassion, kindness, and to give service by sewing pillow covers. The pillows may be students first sewing experience.
  3. Provide an opportunity for students (elementary) to learn about compassion, kindness, and service by stuffing pillows.
  4. Provide an opportunity for students to finish pillows by stitching pillows closed.
  5. For students to gain internal and external assets. We believe that the following internal and external assets will be achieved as we work on this project.



External Assets

  • Caring neighborhood/community
  • Caring school climate
  • Community values youth
  • Youth volunteers in the community
  • Positive peer influence
  • Creative and cultural activities

Internal Assets

  • Caring
  • Equality and social justice
  • Responsibility
  • Personal power
  • Self-esteem
  • Sense of purpose