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Comfort Project a Success!

We are pleased to report that Project Comfort was a HUGE success! We had an overwhelming response from the Anchorage Schools, and the opportunity to be a featured guest of Anchorage Promise’s Kid’s Day, so we had the privilege to share our project on April 16, 2011 with the community of Anchorage, which was amazing! Initially, we were hoping to complete about 500 pillows, but because of the amazing support, we put more money in the project from Sam’s non-
profit, Kindness for Kids Inc and we were able to do 1,700 pillows!


The number of pillows was not the only success to be measured.It was a unique opportunity to go into the schools and share the message of compassion and kindness, and invite students to participate in the pillow project. As I watched Sam while he was talking to students, I carefully looked into the eyes of children and older students; I could perceive that some of them were being reached in a way that is truly inspiring and good. I appreciate all of the opportunities that Sam has had to make a difference. I like wise, appreciate these experiences for Sam to grow in his abilities, as he is finding his voice to share his message. Towards the end I could see a new level of confidence and a little more ease for Sam to share.

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Hi! My name is Liam. I am 6 years old. I broke both bones in my forearm on Thursday while playing on a playground with my cousins. I got my comfy pillow to put under my arm when I left the hospital. It keeps my arm comfortable and I take it everywhere I go. Thank you Kindness for Kids Inc. You’ve made my heart smile!

– Liam T.

My name is Kelsie B., and it may be hard to remember but I was a HOBY WLC Ambassador 2013 from Richmond, VA who was able to help during the day of volunteerism with the Kindness for Kids Organization. You all were so kind in letting me take home a starter kit to bring the Pillow Project back to my home…

– Kelsie B.

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